Biblical Treasures of Turkey




    I appreciate Robin Williams travel films for bringing together the plain meaning of the text, biblical geography, archaeology and insights into aspects of culture in New Testament times.

Michael Adeney
Seattle, WA.

Dear Mr. Williams:

    A group of our filmmakers were fortunate enough to view your film on Turkey last night and I wanted to take the time to tell you how outstanding we all felt it was.

You’ve carefully blended information and entertainment in a fine balance to produce a totally riveting experience.

Furthermore, your photography, music selection, script writing and editing were superb. I want to thank you – from all our team – for a truly enlightening evening. Keep up the brilliant work.


Greg MacGillivray
IMAX Films

Dear Theatre owner or manager, 

    I recently booked filmmaker Robin D. Williams’ remarkable film “ Biblical Treasures of Turkey”, and what a crowd pleaser it was. The technical aspects were superb, the film extremely well done and very enjoyable. The audience begged for more.

Sincerely yours,

Richard C. Wolfe
Owner and manager

Roxy Theatre 

Hello, Mr. Williams,

    I just returned home from enjoying your film “Biblical Treasures of Turkey” at the Roxy Theatre. There are no words to do justice to your breathtakingly beautiful film. It was so moving…it nearly brought me to tears.  It was an unforgettable evening. God Bless you and keep you safe throughout your journeys.

Ivori Marinus

Dear Mr. Wolfe:

    I am a retired professor of Classical Languages at Lehigh University, and my field partly overlaps the archaeology of Anatolia, so I was naturally highly interested in seeing good photography of sites that I was more or less familiar with, having visited them many years ago.  But it was not just nostalgia that gave me the pleasure that afternoon. I was very impressed with not only the beauty of the photography, but also the accuracy of the scholarship. Mr. Williams deserves high praise.


Douglas Feaver, Ph.D.

Dear Sir, 

    I so very much enjoyed your movie about Turkey that I felt I owe it to congratulate you on your successful film. Your selection of cinematography, selection of music and the editing was wonderful. I was so captivated by your movie; I almost did not want it to end. I could have watched for a while longer…however, I got the videotape and already watched it a second time. Thanks again for the educational and entertaining movie you made.


Verdi Tanriverdi

To Whom It May Concern:

    Turkey, where civilizations, religion and traditions have sometimes clashed but ultimately intermingled, is a unique setting for seeing the histories of the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In few, if in any other places does the chronicle of Western belief from pagan times to the present appear so concretely and so fully.

Mr. Williams, Laguna filmmaker, in his documentary film “Biblical Treasures of Turkey”, has captured the religious richness of the Anatolian heartland and reflected on the screen exceptionally well. The documentary will take the audience back in time, almost to the very beginnings of time itself. ‘Biblical Treasures of Turkey” is a must see.


Aykut Berk
Ambassador-Consul General

Dear Robin,

    Besides the quality of videography, I especially appreciated the segment on Ephesus.  Of course, studying the history of the course of religion in Turkey brought us face to face with the pluralism of its culture…Roman Caesar worship, Greek mythology, Catholicism, Islam, Orthodox, etc. I felt you wove these things carefully with the biblical truths examined in the archeological discoveries. I’ve spent some time, and have some good friends at The Institute for Creation Research who would disagree with some of the theory you presented in the segment on Ararat and Noah’s ark.  As you probably know, the ark is more likely encased in the permanent ice at the top of the mountain, peeking out only on rare occasions, and not enough to provide conclusive evidence. It’s all very fascinating.
In any case, you have done fine work. I commend you. Thank you for the heart and soul you put into it. You should be proud of your completed effort.

God’s best blessings.
Neal Brower, Sr. Pastor
Emmanuel Church

Dear Robin,

    Your presentation was one of the very best that we have had here at the Center. Our audience’s enthusiasm was unprecedented.

Thank you so much.
Diana Ruhthers
Production Assistant/Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Dear Sir,

    We saw “Biblical Treasures of Turkey” at the Lido Cinema in Newport Beach last Sunday and we have to say that was truly the most dynamic, interesting documentary, movie, travel film we have ever seen.

Pat and Alan Rypinski
Focus Sales & Marketing

Dear Robin,

    Your presentation of the “Biblical Treasures of Turkey” was excellent! Thank you for this wonderful show.

The digital cinema picture on our 20’ screen was bright, extremely sharp and the colors were gorgeous. The beautiful music flowed constantly and was always most appropriate. Your editing with this new medium provided for a smooth blending of scenes as well as the many special effects with titles and maps. We heard numerous comments and compliments regarding the accuracy of your research.
It is magnificent in every way and our audience was most enthusiastic with its praise!


Edwin E. Fitchett
Program Chairman
Vassar Brothers Institute

Dear Robin,

    Just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed your film on “Biblical Treasures of Turkey”, yesterday. Our patrons certainly did as well and have had many wonderful comments about the film. I, too, think it was the best presentation we have had this year. The professional look of the film is outstanding. The editing and effects are engaging and hold the audience spellbound. The music underscoring the whole film was moving and effective and certainly gave the whole presentation a polish and flair. Thank you so much for a great afternoon visit to Turkey. Everyone who attended felt they had a front row seat on your journey. Excellent, excellent, excellent!  Can’t wait to see Part II.

Harry Blundell
Director of the Theatre
Arts Center of the Ozarks

Dear Robin,

    On behalf of the Bandon Lions Club, Dan and I would like to thank you very much for entertaining our audiences with your film “Biblical Treasures of Turkey.”  I especially want to thank you for scheduling the ‘outreach’ program for the seventh and eight graders from Harbor Lights Middle School. It is important for our young people to understand that the history of the other countries also contributed to the development of our world. Everyone was so impressed with your introduction of the film, your courtesy in answering questions during intermission and afterwards, and your pleasant approach to greeting everyone. I am already receiving phone calls inquiring about future Robin Williams Films presentations at the theater. Thank you again for a most entertaining and educational opportunity to travel to Turkey – for many of us, the first time we have been.


Anita Almich, Director
Sprague Community Theatre

To whom it may concern:

Robin Williams Show A Huge Hit In Newport Beach, California!

Robin Williams, famous filmmaker from Laguna Beach, California, had athundering  applause on March 27, 2004, when he introduced his new film, "Biblical Treasures Of Turkey - Part II" to a full house in Newport Beach's historic Lido Theatre. The audience just couldn't get enough of him and his film. There were Americans, Turks, and Turkish-Americans, of all age groups, reminiscent of a county fair.  The show started with an exciting dance performance by the folk dance group from Long Beach's Turkish American group, wearing their colorful "bindalli” costumes from Anatolia, featuring dances of the Gaziantep region.  Music and graceful moves enchanted the audience.

When Robin Williams took the stage, excitement was at its peak.  TheFilmmaker informed and entertained with his comments, reminding the audience that they had to relax and free their minds of daily worries, as that was the pre-requisite to fully enjoy the incredible journey that was to follow. When the audience saw the Roman roads on which St. Paul walked and the Church where St. Nicholas (Yes, the legend that led to the creation of Santa Claus) preached during the 3rd Century grew audible "Ooohs and aaahhhs" from the audience.  Anatolia was clearly "the other holy land", but few people in the West knew about it.

One retired gentleman told this writer after the film, "You are the gentleman who introduced Robin Williams this morning, aren't you?"  When I said yes, he went on enthusiastically: "Please thank him for me.  You know, all my life, I heard about 'Asia Minor' and this term is even in the bible. But I really didn't know that it meant Turkey, a place that even exists today.  I though it was a place that no longer exists.  After seeing this movie, I really want to see that country now, before I die."This sums up the gist of this movie:  Turkey, the biblical Asia Minor, Is there for all to enjoy today, right now!

When you hear those historic names mentioned and see the stone objects they walked or sat on, touched, or otherwise made physical contact with, then history really comes alive and awes you!  What's more, the feeling that this stuff still exists over there in a friendly country famous for its hospitality, called Turkey, makes you want to book your ticket to Turkey right away "to touch history".  I did just that a few years ago, after seeing part I for the first time, although I was born and raised in Turkey, living in the U.S.A. for the last quarter of a century (Forgive me for using the term 'century' to describe my life in the U.S.A., but then, we are talking about history, aren't we?  Smiles...)

If you are a Turk, Turkish-American, or a friend of Turkey, then I strongly recommend getting in touch with Robin Williams to find out how you can arrange a showing of his film in your town.

It is easier and more fun than you think.  Go ahead, invite Robin to your neighborhood and enjoy the master's touch in leading you through history. Failing that, buying his DVDs is the next best thing.

Go on!  Live a little!  Touch history!  Now!

Love to all,

Turkish Forum


You may ask yourself what Robin Williams has to do with story telling in Anatolia. Obviously, this is not the actor everybody knows,  but rather the filmmaker: Robin D. Williams. If you see him on stage, you can easily think that he is a famous actor who resembles actors of the Spencer Tracy or Charlton Heston era. With his well built physique of 6’ 2," grayish hair and the voice of a barritone, he has complete control and attention of the audience.

I met Robin Williams for the first time last October, when he came to Columbus to introduce his film: Biblical Treasures of Turkey to the Turkish-American audiences. The event, which was sponsored by TAACO.

The state of the art digital film was shown on the big screen and was a visual feast from beginning to end. The breath taking scenes of Anatolia, were scored to hauntingly beautiful music and a complete range of sound effects.   After the movie Robin spend time with the audiences, answering questions about Turkey and signed autographs of his movies in tape.

Biblical Treasures of Turkey is the story of the twenty-nine or so civilizations, who once lived on this beautiful land of ours called Turkey and contributed to the well being of human kind. In Biblical Treasures you will not only meet mythological Greek Gods, but also real people who shaped the history. Herodotus, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, King Midas to name a few.  At times you will travel with Marco Polo, or live with St. Paul in his home at Ephesus. You will travel to Nicea, where the first Ecumenical Council took place or visit Virgin Mary's house in Selcuk.Have you ever wondered about the Noah's Ark, The Story about Gordion'sKnot or Abraham's birth place? You have the answers in this movie.

The Biblical Treasures of Turkey is a treat for students of History teachers and archaeologists. They are discoveries that match the historical account as told by the travelers. Talking about travel what Williams contributes to Tourism in Turkey cannot measured in monetary terms. The American audiences are watching the brilliant scenery of Bosporus, Black Sea, Bodrum, Antalya thru Williams's magic camera.

I strongly encourage every Turkish American Association in The United States and Turkey, to bring this movie to their hometown and show it to their audiences.
To me Robin Williams is a true friend of Turkey who deserves recognition. He is not only a talented film maker, but also a story teller of the modern era. As we all know, the Anatolian Story tellers are called " Asik" ." Asik" or lover is the who loves the creator and tells his story by wandering from city to city. His stories are often accompanied by the musical instrument "Saz". Karacaoglan, Yunus Emre and Asik Veysel are the most famous of these.

Williams is the Anatolian Asik who tells his story in America. He travels from Seattle to Ohio, from Florida to Michigan. His story is digital and visual, his music is beautiful. He tells the story of Anatolia to audiences across the country. At the time of this writing, they are preparing to show their new movie: Biblical Treasures of Turkey Part Two in Chicago, which includes the Story of Santa Clause.

Once again, I like to recognize and thank Robin for his film and being a true friend of Turkey.


Cem Ozmeral
President, TAACO
(Turkish American Association of Ohio)

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